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Car Finance

At Sutherland Volkswagen, we’re committed to providing you with a full range of affordable and comprehensive finance options and insurance plans, customised to your individual budget. What’s more, you gain access to all our solutions, conveniently under the same roof.

As part of AHG, Australia’s largest automotive group, we provide solutions for every circumstance:


Through our Volkswagen dealership, you get access to a wide range of finance options, including loans, hire purchase, chattel mortgage, novated leases and vehicle finance. We also offer you the opportunity to take out Volkswagen Finance, providers of a diverse range of innovative and flexible finance solutions that can be tailored to suit your cash flow, business and lifestyle. Through Volkswagen Finance, you’ll also have the peace of mind that your repayments are fixed for the duration of your package. Read more about Volkswagen Finance.


Insuring yourself and your family against accidents, fire and car theft is the best way to give yourself peace of mind that you’re covered if something was to go wrong. We can work with you to provide a customised insurance plan designed for you. Our insurance plans include car insurance, GAP cover, loan protection, tyre and rim insurance, warranties and plenty more.


We customise all our solutions to suit you. Your budget and life stage are unique, therefore your plan should be too.
The fixed repayment loans we can provide you with include finance, leasing, hire purchase and chattel mortgages. What’s more, you have control over how we structure your package and your financial obligations


Each and every one of our business managers are highly trained and accredited. They have all achieved certification in providing a range of finance and insurance options to you as a customer. Rest assured that you’ll be fully in the know when making your decisions.


When you take on a new financial obligation, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether you can make your payments. As a Volkswagen customer, you will benefit from a FREE capacity assessment. We’ll use this as a basis to build a plan that’s right for you, so you don’t need to stress or worry.


We’re here to make life easy for you and our one-stop-shop of finance and insurance solutions means that you benefit from less hanging around for approval. We have established a fast-track approval process that’s available every day of the week. Your only job is to authorise it! 
Whether you need insurance or finance, we’ll create the right solution for you. Our friendly team is waiting to help you today - contact us today.